Jewelry & Artisanal Casting


Ace Castings is committed to providing the highest quality product at exceptional prices

We work closely with our customers to ensure desired price points are achieved. We are passionate about what we do and eat, sleep and breathe every project relentlessly pursuing the tightest tolerances, finest  finishing and on-time delivery on every job, without fail.

We love a challenge. New product development, overcoming obstacles, customizing equipment and work-flow processes to meet our customer’s needs is what makes us smile.

Our extensive experience, in-house design expertise, and State-of-the-Art equipment, are second to none.

Challenge us with your next Jewelry or Technical casting project and you’ll see why our customers keep coming back.

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Our Quality and Expertise

Mold Making


Custom mold manufacturing using only the best quality rubber and polymer materials to meet and exceed even the most stringent quality requirements. 

Wax Injection


Our use of microprocessor-controlled wax injection systems significantly reduces  mold lines, over-weight pieces and final bench work. This in turn saves you time and money. 



Our highly skilled casters have the experience to consistently achieve smooth, clean results. We continually consult with our refiner to ensure that our  products are the best and stay the best. 



We cast in a full range of metals including: white, rose and yellow gold, brass, bronze, silver and more. Only the purest, best-quality refined metals are used for each project, specifically tailored to meet your product needs and guaranteeing that we achieve the desired  result.  



We are able to offer our customers RAW castings if needed or we can  provide finishing services for any piece to suit your specifications.

We can also offer additional End-to-End Services for your project requirements.

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